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Reblog - 0 notesKaanapali Beach, MauiHello from Paradise!
I have been in Maui with my fiancé and his family for 9 days as of today, and…View Post
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Meet the most advanced serum in the battle against…View Post
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New adventure begins!

BLOG UPDATE: The new adventure begins! Renaming of the blog, & my partner in crime! ♥

A new year approaches, and thus I make this announcement that there will be some big changes occurring on ohmybonbon.com - for one, the blog has been renamed to Bon Bon – and my fiancé Robert will be blogging here as well. ♥

Welcome to ourNEW lifestyle…

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My Wedding Photographer!

I am thrilled to announce that I have finally decided on (and booked!) my wedding photographer!

I decided on miss Rebecca Hollis, a wedding photographer out of Victor, Montana. I absolutely fell in love with her style – it is absolutely everything I think…

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My Bridesmaids Dresses! #bcbg http://wp.me/p1TWiV-JK

A little sneak peek at what my bridesmaids will be wearing in my upcoming wedding, this March!

I have left the shoes to their discretion, with one guideline – they must be gold! ♥

Here is the inspiration pin board for the general bridesmaid look that I’m…

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Reblog - 0 notesThe wedding venue!I am beyondthrilled with the progress my fiancé have made this past week! Yesterday was the real…View Post